From the Executive Director Desk::

From Ancient times great Indian Scholars have prayed God to bring the humanity from Darkness to Light. Journalism with the help of science and wisdom made the knowledge available to one and all. In a democratic and educated society knowledge means more welfare and less exploitation. Total welfare and zero exploitation is the ultimate aim of humanity. That way Journalism, with an effort to explore knowledge to every one, serves the humanity in a big way. In the context of dramatic media explosion on the one hand and woeful lack of appropriate education & training facilities on the others, PIMS has taken challenge to refine raw hands into creative & productive talent.

In modern times journalism has reached from earth to air and mind to heart of the people. I’m sure that People’s Institute of Media Studies will cope with the race of modern journalism and students will gain full knowledge of Print, Electronic and Broadcast Journalism in the institute. Indian mythology believes that word is ‘BRAHMA’. ‘BRAHMA’ means which prevails everywhere so shall try students of this institute.

With best wishes

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