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People’s Group, India is proud to announce collaboration with Gujral Group, Canada, utilizing Hydrogen Fuel Technology. Soon after the President of India’s visit to inaugurate our research and development wing on 29th June, we are carrying forward her directives to utilize research for the betterment of the humanity and environment. We are hopeful that when our President visits next year to see the progress of our research projects, she would be happy to see People’s Group taking a bold step in revolutionising the use of alternative energy resources.  

People’s Group, Bhopal, is collaborating with the Gujral Group, Canada for alternate energy generation sources to provide a solution for the current energy crisis.  This breakthrough technology can also reduce the green house effect for a safer and cleaner environment. Utilizing polluted/raw water in its process of producing clean energy it also assists in reducing the water pollution.

The "greenhouse effect" is a complicated process by which the earth is becoming progressively warmer. Some atmospheric gases absorb outward infrared radiation, warming the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is one of these gases; so are methane, nitrous oxide, and the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The concentrations of these gases are increasing, with the result that the earth is absorbing more sunlight and getting warmer. Vehicular pollution also adds to this effect.

The best pollution-free alternative to energy producing sources is the hydrogen fuel technology. Hydrogen-powered "fuel cells hold enormous promise as a power source for a future generation of vehicles and electricity". Hydrogen produced from renewable resources can provide energy with positive impact on the environment. Hydrogen holds fantastic promise as a plentiful, clean-burning fuel and may eventually replace gasoline. Environmentalists like it because it might trim the amount of greenhouse gas spewed by the nation's automobiles. Engineers like it because this new technology will need fuelling with lots of ideas and design work. There are currently about 200 hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in California in the United States. Companies like Volvo, one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers, has already reached an advanced stage in developing hydrogen-based fuel cell technology as an alternative fuel.

The water-split hydrogen generation technology is environmentally benign and makes use of non-polluting and non-toxic reactants/products. The main two reactants are inexpensive and available abundantly worldwide.  The unique characteristic of this technology is that the reaction may be initiated at room temperature without using any external power. 

People’s Group is taking a big step in implementing an alternative fuel solution to address the energy crisis and the impact of global warming. Through this historic MOU our research and development wing will get engaged in hydrogen energy initiatives and research to protect humanity and environment from further harm.


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